Iron Painter Competition Final Pictures


April 29, 2007 by TAB Studio

final front

rear final

Well I finished with a 2 hour window to spare…weeeeee!
Thought I would show the largest I can here,Thanks for the
kind input Knowing a few of you were keeping step
brought me motivation and a warm e-share feelings
to some very late nights and long days.

I would not suggest a Meier Sculpt for the feint
hearted or new painter.
I can remember drowning ten of his wood elves minis
in my brush water when I first started painting.
I so enjoyed watching the bubbles from their tiny little mouths.
I have not returned to painting his sculpts willingly till now.
I blame “Sheer Madness”.
Here is a link to all the entries that get finished
with-in the time limit rule(Sun-6pm-E).

Here is a link to the Original Artist’s – Keith Parkinsons painting
the miniature was sculpted to represent by sculptor – Tom Meier.
I tried to stay as close to that vision as possible when painting.


3 thoughts on “Iron Painter Competition Final Pictures


    Submited post []- Iron Painter Competition Final Pictures

  2. Well out of that lineup, I honestly think your is painted with the most skill. I would saythat yours and the Siobhana one have to most successful transparency.

  3. inrepose says:

    Very nice, one of the more stylish finishes I have seen. What kind of varnish do you use? Thanks for sharing!

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