Iron Painter Competition 3, Round 4 Semi Finals – All Your Base Project


May 14, 2007 by TAB Studio

4 Am here….I have been working steady as able! – 2nd figure almost finished and the stairs are modified to suit the scale. the back wall is poured.
I now need to carve to insert the gargoyles then I will plaster gaps and paint. Much to do but progress made, I have only 7 days to complete, must stay focused. Black background is not helpful to see the horns here they are red fade to purple, you will see soon though.
Fig 2
Rear fig 2
stairs and wall
Thank you inrepose for your kind comments and group participation.
observant you are 😀
Soon as the painting frenzy slacks I will respond in turn.
Liz,never fear this will not go on forever, thank you for your patience.
We have a web cam set and have been tracking the progress of some of the
process both for you and supervike. In between rounds
I hope to catch up on some of that kinda stuff too.
This weekend was not so productive programming wise as I had hoped. Can’t have it all.


2 thoughts on “Iron Painter Competition 3, Round 4 Semi Finals – All Your Base Project

  1. Lizcam says:

    I love the color choice on the wizard and the fading of the color is wonderful. Take your time with me. I did a lot of work on my mini but I will send pics over next weekend (before I go to Palmsprings).

  2. inrepose says:

    Looking great! Good choice of dramatic color for such a moody interesting miniature.

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