Termination – My Iron Painter Competition Semi Finals – Base Project


May 20, 2007 by TAB Studio

wargamingTermination entry gallery
All the semi final entries are viewable above
I am competing against vincegamer.
The setting…

Ejhin De Vanth grew in uneasiness as she moved closer to the inner sanctums of the Cathedral of Salauel.  Her performance of her duties in her most recent crusade against the Light were successful in all but one respect, the loss of the Black Diamond. Failure was not something the Quaestors took lightly.

A diabolic chill encompassed her form as she made the final approach to the dark stair to The Coryphaeus’ chambers.  As she reached the bottom, she could see that He was waiting.  The gargoyles shook free of their rocky stillness with vibrant arcane energy, ready to pounce.  The Coryphaeus drew forth a soul, energy to fuel his judgement…

I spent over a hundred hours on this project.
After hand carving from 3 solid blocks of plaster
the elements of this diorama base I inserted and Spackle the Gargoyles.
At one point this looked as though I was bound to fail, but like a Phoenix it
rose from the remains and seems to me to have taken flight, Looks like source
lighting is one of my favorites spoofs to pull off.
Thanks to you all for joining me in this project, if I make it through to the next round
I hope you will kick along with me again.

I am off to play with my new Wacom Intuos pad I got for my birthday. What a lucky wench I am!


2 thoughts on “Termination – My Iron Painter Competition Semi Finals – Base Project

  1. Lizcam says:

    Congrats! Looks fabulous and worthy of the next level to me!

  2. Allison says:

    Wow! That really came together. I like the grim ominousness of it, and the gargoyle effect turned out great.

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