Results are posted for the Iron Man Competiton


May 25, 2007 by TAB Studio

Results are in …. No final round for me!
All though 3 out of 4 judges said I should go through to the next round one said no so loud my scores did not reflect the general consensus. I had an idea when the mini was scoring well on that I would lose, each time my mini has scored well it did not fair well at the contest. The same thing happened the first round and the oddly even one comment was repeated.
Congradulations to vincegamer for his forward movement and the best of luck to Cindy (who moved forward) in the final round. May the best painter win!

Buck up for me as I move to the next contest … they are just too shiny for me not play with. Becca, Todd and Stef are with me as well on this one, we shall bowl them over in numbers if nothing else. We shall  Brush Or Die !
I wll be starting posts as to where all the current contests for mini painters will be held and information given for each on this blog so maybe you can join in also.
Would love to see pictures and links from other efforts in this arena.  We have a group started at Flicker for this kind of stuff Wargame Miniature Painters … join the madness if you dare!

Among all this activity I fully intend to get a proper tutorial for Jim as to how the plaster was carved for my last project. The kids gave me a shiny web cam for my birthday just for video tutorials. If you have a request for mini painting tutorials you can watch please feel free to leave a comment.

Today my concentrations are to ready eBay charity auctions for UNICEF, the old “Works of Heart” project keeps rearing up. Minipainters from the UK and Oz sent works of art herethe last few weeks, I will join those with the remnants here and give the last hurrah auction.
I will publish a link here the auction will start Sunday evening as they used to and Coolminiornot still has the free account Chern was so kind to provide and the credits for advertising and gallery as well. Thank you Chern Ann.

 I will then publicly close the pages of a long and enduring book of kindness by many around the world to help those in need both after the hurricane in Orleans and for helping a fellow painter Orchid Noir and for UNICEF.
Thanks for you past visits and support on the forums and such for my painting and the other endevors my family and I stumble upon.



One thought on “Results are posted for the Iron Man Competiton

  1. javi says:

    This piece is worth a prize solely for the amount of work and the results you managed to obtain. You know, there’s no mathematic rating machine, (like the ones that measures how much you drank the last night) so in the end, it falls to judge’s personal tastes.

    Maybe he found the scene lacking of texture, you know, something much grainier. Dunno.


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