I am determined to paint today!


July 1, 2007 by TAB Studio

Wonderful stuff today!

I have been to Tim C’s forum and voted on a contest I missed out on. I wanted so badly to participate and I had 2 minis started for this…. then summer courses at the college started… and the express class system kicked my butt!
Three credit – 15 week class in a 5 week time period. The topic, Survey of Game Development and it is more writing than I expected.
I am the type that would rather mind meld or take a picture …. I look at my hubby Todd next to me sometimes as I work, and he drools over my shoulder at my “assignments” it really is a video gamers heaven!  
I, who does not like much Tv and have an outlook that many video games are a waste of time, (throw rocks at me,ok,giggle). It is a challanging essay loaded class. Best part so far 4 hours playing Guitar HeroII and a full loaded essay after. Hey the game was great at least! Loved it!
I also love a good game of Warmachine , the interaction and family time beats a tele/puter video game for me personally any time.   NEW FLASH>>> I wooped Todd’s Booty last night with the New Protectorate army I started …. 🙂 Oh yes a happy dance for me, it was worth getting help with my homework to have a moment to play, Thank you Becca, Todd and Stef for all you do that helps me and all the time you put up with me. I Love You All!

Here are two pictures of my lonely starts for WorldOfMinis.com  Mechanical Mayham Contest ,
all the plans of mice and woman…

WarMachine Renagade Warjack Started
So, at the very least now when I do get a minute for brushwork, I will post! I have missed work in progress pictures sharing. It was not allowed in this contest (big drawback in my feelings). Yet,there are a few online contests with rules that you can not share pictures on the net. Odd rules to me it seems ,I think it would be easier to track fraud or time fudging with open sharing. Also started for this contest and not complete!
6 Resin Model Kit
Battle Angel Alita REBIRTH 1:6 Resin Model Kit
Above picture is a sales box pic of one I have in assembling process ( hard to assemble this puzzle piece mini, Todd helped me thank you !)  I will get a picture of my model as soon as she is greenstuffed and ready to paint!
Happy Trails see you here again soon


4 thoughts on “I am determined to paint today!

  1. Lizcam says:

    Your little machien looks great so far. I assume this is what you got the P3 paints for. I can’t wait to see the other mini get together and painted.

    Sorry we missed eachother this weekend, BTW. Ended up doing more than I thought I would. Actually got to plar GURPS on Saturday! WOOHOO!

  2. RAZA 2009 says:

    Hey I see you are making the “Alita rebirth” model. I was just wondering if you ended up with a spare piece left over? I made mine but I cannot seem to see a spot for a piece that has a small rectangular “base” with 2 poles of different heights sticking vertically upwards out of the “base”…
    Do you know where that piece is suppose to go?

    thanks in advance

  3. TAB Studio says:

    Hi Raza
    I will dig her out and check I remember having an extra piece as well but it was a small rod I think went to her elbow.
    Man I love this piece and maybe digging her out will get me going again

  4. RAZA 2009 says:

    ok that would be great. I found this picture that has all the parts on it. The piece that I am wondering where it is supposed to go is the one that is located to the right of her body. And to the left of the base piece. The things with the 2 “poles” of different lengths….

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