Hot darn I am done

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July 17, 2007 by TAB Studio

I just turned in my 59 page final project. Oh yes I am free for a few weeks….summer air, feel it!
My project was a Game Design Document and the Technical Specs. I would share but I think it may be good enough to present to a game company so till I find more information how to protect it or, if it is even worthy in the professors view to protect, I will stay quiet. After a 100 or so hours it can not be all too bad.

Oh to play, Gosh you forget how much time you have when not in school. This was the most intense course I have ever taken and I will not repeat the error of and express class in summer, It is just too much to fit a 15 week 3 credit course in a 5 week period. I owe my families help for my completion of this course.

Expect good things now as far as update and creative work, I will work on tutorials and videos like I had hoped to do .What a load off my back, in a few days we will all be done, sadly Becca is still giving heroes effort in her studies till Saturday this week. Then the whole family will do a happy dance and Pinky and the Brain will again…. ‘Try to paint over the world!’


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