Minis ready to paint…Oh my and a brush nightmare


July 21, 2007 by TAB Studio

Well after spending way to much time prepping here is the workbench as it stands..
I have worked on the Avatar Of Menoth today. That model is the large machine on your right and better known in the house as the walking church. The Harbringer of Menothis that miniature on you left that is way up in the air. The angel’s Rebirth is not pictures with her wings 😀

 The beautiful Indian know as Red Cat I received from Mike or Dragonsreach as a gift, I had been looking for her and his kindness is why she is there. She came in from England yesterday and I put her together last night. Nervous about starting her for it has been 5 weeks since I seriously painted I have started today with the big machine to get the brushes back in shape….speaking of …

here is a bit of information to pass on and hopfully save someone a nightmare….
I thought it would be a good idea to put silicone packet in with my brushes because often put them back in their protectors wet …. I found out that it ruins your brushes….big time… the hair on the brush became so dry that they so far have not recovered. I have them soaking in hair conditioner right now but thus far nothing has repaired them. It will be a very costly mistake if they do not recover they are brand new Raphael sables at a tune combined of over a hundread dollars on eBay not even retail . Please if anybody has any other ideas on the restoration feel free to leave a comment.



One thought on “Minis ready to paint…Oh my and a brush nightmare

  1. Sorry to hear about those brushes… yeah they are hair, you gotta treat them like your actual hair 😛 Conditioner is your best bet, good call there.

    That angel “mini” is pretty amazing. With your skills at painting larger size figures I’m sure it’ll turn out great!

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