4000 Total Point WarMachine Family Battle!


July 22, 2007 by TAB Studio

Thousand point army’s each player and there are four of us in the game, Oh yes that’s a rumble.
We started last night at about 11 Pm and it will continues later today. We have replace the models we long for but do not have with blank bases or cardboard cut-out out bases. It will take some time before we all have a thousand points worth of models but still as you can see there is a large bit of miniature bling to be had …and painted,I while we play am still working on the Avatar.

Today the kids went to play Halo at a friends and I have a few bits in the house alone.
Since our family rejoined I do not have much, if any, time alone. I forgot how important it is to me.
It is nice I needed a break 😀 Here is a picture of the wargame to be played again when we all rejoin tonight. My army’s name this time, Broken My A**  ‘giggle’ thought it was appropriate.

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One thought on “4000 Total Point WarMachine Family Battle!

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