Episode 1 – Priming A Miniature


August 13, 2007 by TAB Studio

[blip.tv ?posts_id=342624&dest=14548]

Here is the first episoide of our free instructional videos by TAB Studio,Tracy from BrushOrDie.com.
This video is about brush priming a 35 mm pewter gaming miniature from Anima Tactics named Faust Orbatos, cleaning sable brushes, filing mold lines and other handy hints for the miniature painter.

I am going to take this miniature and in each step upload a video of the methods I am able to show you with my skill level at present. I will make every effort to upload Sunday-bi weekly to this site a new progress video. It takes me wuite a bit to get the editing and narrating right now I am new to this.  

 Hosted from  http://brushordie.blip.tv/ or you can go to the Internet Archive Source you can visit the source to download a copy for future use or share on your own site, just let them know where you found it please. 

More info… a link to Swannys Models about Future Floor Wax and its qualities he has a load of good info…. I use one part Future to 3 parts filtered water and store it in a drink container pre-mixed for all my water needs.

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12 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Priming A Miniature

  1. Lizcam says:

    Excelent! That’s just what I do now. But I have a 2 step brush cleaning ritual. I take the big stuff out with Pink Soap, using the ridges of the cap as a wash board, and then clean up anything that’s left with Windsor and Newton. Then a quick rinse in clean distilled water (*hard water issues so I don’t use it unless I have to). Works a dream. I don’t think you can use thin paints without getting it up in the feral. And primer is the worst to get out!

    It’s so dry here that I clean my brushes after I finish a project and then dip them in hair conditioner and let it dry on the brush. I’ll leave it there until I do the next project, cleaning the brush in a quick rinse of pink soap before I start painting. Really helps with dried out brushes (don’t ask what the weather does to hair around here. It’s a nightmare).

  2. Ken says:

    Looks like a good video but only part of it plays. When it gets to the Future floor wax part it stops. What’s up?

  3. TAB Studio says:

    Good question Ken I wish I could give you a direct answer but I just watched the whole thing and it went fine.
    If you have a chance … Will you please let me know the browser and the player you used to view the program, also it may be Bliptv and a server issue on that end or possible even wordpress.

    To enable your viewing when ever you wish if you go here…
    BrushOrDie-Blip TV
    This video is enabled for you to down load and use at your convenience.

    Please let me know if this solves the issue,if need be I will directly email or snail mail you the video so you are not left out.
    Cheers and so many thanks for taking the time to let me know,

  4. Ken says:

    Hi Tracy,
    The browser I’m using is AOL and the viewer is VodPod. Oddly enough I can view the entire miniature basing video but the priming video gets to the Future wax part then goes back to the Vallejo primer shot and stops. Any way I can view it on You Tube? I never have a problem viewing those videos. I’ll try downloading it. Thanks so much for your help. I look forward to your further videos.

  5. Ken says:

    Tracy, Please e-mail the video to me. I’ve had no luck viewing the complete video in any other way.
    Thanks for your kind offer.

  6. TAB Studio says:

    You got it! No problem at all.

  7. Dion says:

    I’ve always wanted to know exactly what others did and why. This format seems to get through my thick skull better than any other walkthrough. I’ve used both spray and brush primer and have the same problem with humidity in Houston. I just about finished my spray cans and will switch to all brush primer. I always thought it defeated the purpose to have to go back and brush on all the missed spots when I could have gotten them all the first time around with a brush.

    Can you explain why you use the magic wash with primer instead of just watered down primer like I do?
    Does it create a thicker layer than the primer alone? And does that cause a problem with details?


  8. TAB Studio says:

    I really must admit I am addicted to the Future, there is so much in store for me 😀

    OK enough already right? My mentor introduced me to magic wash and I use his formula for since the time I started seriously painting. Since then I do not often stray. If I want to feel wild a crazy I use filtered water.
    I have the dropper handy and never thought not to use it because it is my main you know “water source”. Becca (my daughter) does not use it when priming but all other times she does and, she also has asked me why I do….I asked why she did not. I am a one trick pony.

    I prime really light, there is not much between me and the metal for the most part.I fear losing detail and will strip the mini if I feel I have. It is easier to paint a mini with the detail left and man do I respect the sculptors efforts to add that detail it is wonder for me is how they sculpt this stuff so small.
    I do feel the magic wash helps adhere the paint so I can get this thin.
    I also have worked on a few large models, magic wash helped because mold release is so hard to rid your self of even with proper effort and primer will not adhere to it.

    I experienced rough or pitted models used magic wash as a filler but is mixed thicker with paint or used in many coats depending on the situation. It is at times when a wash of green stuff even diluted would be a bit too much.
    That is my undiluted best answer Dion
    Cheers and many thanks for your time to comment

  9. Geoff Nelson says:

    Great tutorial. I look forward to more!

  10. huffdaddy says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. No matter how much I read, I can’t fully grasp the art art of mini painting until I see it being done. I appreciate your time and effort in doing this.

  11. mucno says:

    Well there goes all my spray on primer…doh!

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