Episode 2 – Attack Of The Colors


August 26, 2007 by TAB Studio

Here is the second episoide of our free instructional videos by TAB Studio,Tracy from BrushOrDie.com. This video is about paint washes used to reveal details or flaws on a 35mm pewter gaming miniature from Anima Tactics named Faust Orbatos, paint to liquid ratios and other handy information about washes, for the miniature painter.

For those of you with AOL please retrieve your video with this handy link BrushOrDie for AOL Browsers ,it will start to play as soon as it downloads.

Hosted from  Blip TV or you can go to the Internet Archive you can visit the source, download a copy for future use or share on your own site, just let them know where you found it please. 




3 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Attack Of The Colors

  1. Harry says:

    Thank you for the videos, I am a long time wargamer and it is tips like yours that help me a great deal. I look forward to more on colour washes after you paint the mini.

  2. […] Faust Orbatos : Episode 2 – Attack of the colors Here is the second episode of the instructional videos by TAB Studio,Tracy from BrushOrDie.com. This […]

  3. mucno says:

    I wonder if you do this washing prior to the priming process or after, either I missed that or wasn’t stated. Keep these episodes coming, I can always learn new techniques, would love to see one on pastel blending like the Rackham style if that would be possible.

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