A Good Friend and, Privateer Press – No Quarter Magazine Picture.

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September 9, 2007 by TAB Studio

First the good friend is Liz that I meant from the forums of CoolMiniOrNot. We chatted and schemed in or spare time and I am so thankful for her approaching me that I could not detail here. She is a jewel in crown of kindness. It is for her that my family was able to enjoy Sea World in style and I can not thank her enough.

I also received a package from Liz and was very thrilled.  When I opened it I find that she has given me her miniature from the contest she did so very well in I think it is even her first contest she has entered in as well.
I could not believe my eyes. I will soon will photo and show you her incredible work.
She needs work with the photo end more than any assistance in the painting, that is for sure. Yet I always enjoy hearing her schemes and plans, she is the best fun outside my family for me right now.

Liz, I want you to know how very much I cherish this diorama and always will.

The other cheery news this week is that Privateer Press – No Quarter Magazine Picture is out and the family hit the local game store to buy a copy. Weeeee laaa !

No Quarter Brass Balls Issue # 14

Marijn Congratulations on the win well deserved! Watch you back though I am getting ready for the next one already!
I am going to auction this Renegade on eBay so I can afford the next miniature I have plans for, let you know when it goes up for sale case you are interested. I need to get at least $50.00 for it, so here is to hoping I do.


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