Took a break from the Faust and relaxed with my Avatar Of Menoth

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October 3, 2007 by TAB Studio

I like painting warjacks just for my play time… it is very relaxing and I need that this week, my health is annoying me so I took a break to paint for just me last night. I feel kinda guilty but here he is…Avatar Of Menoth Legging
The Avatar is the big bad a@@ of my army. I balance him with the all too pretty Harbinger of Menoth painting her will be my reward or bribe shall we say I have had the model since she first came out She is really why I choose Menoth , well and Stefen My son had already dibbed the Cryx fraction, my first love.
I will paint the Harbinger soon I hope… but only after I finish the 800 or so point of minis I have to complete. I am also looking forward to the Daughters of the Flame as far as painting goes they are little hots that remind me of the minis from GW … Sevina and Soria Inquisitor models, my daughter took a fancy to those models and pointed them out. I like a lot of the inquisitor models also. 
My husband Todd was my hero as he pinned and glued the daughters together last night while I painted… I love that time we share together, it is one of my favorite past times we do besides beating each other down playing Magic the Gathering ( a trading Card game ) it is really fun when the whole family is able but with all of us in school that is rare right now.

My art class homework is a bit overwhelming and consuming a lot of time I have been able to do something …away. I have three paintings due by next Tuesday, 8 X 10 acrylic and all the same picture painted with different color values ( warm Cold and my choice) if I were not so anal it would not be too bad but I bite off too big of projects and need to keep it simple this time . I have the next video due out this Sunday, need to be efficient…
Well I better get something done while I can.

A big Thank you Craig and Liz for adopting my Warmachine Renegade, It is fun knowing he will go to a good home, I got the mini I needed from privateer press with the money it helped very much!


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