Episode 5 – Painting Face


November 12, 2007 by TAB Studio

[blip.tv ?posts_id=483320&dest=14548]

Here is Episode Five of the instructional videos by TAB Studio – Tracy Brady
This video is about painting a miniatures face. Information on flesh tones and how to follow up with ink washes, hints on painting lips and teeth.
A continuing video saga of painting the 35mm pewter gaming miniature from Anima Tactics named Faust Orbatos, techniques and handy information, for the miniature painter.
Thank you for being so understanding on the delay of these bi-weekly offerings and I hope to remain on schedule in the future. They turned me in to a Newt, but I got better….
A special thanks to Liz for letting people know and all the email well wishers that helped by keeping me motivated.
Link for AOL users Here you go , if you want this will lead you to a momentarly blank page then will come up and play, be patient OK?
iTunes link for you pod loving people

We are holding random drawings on our forum for those interested to repay your patience and get some feedback or answer questions on the videos, Info is in the video


2 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Painting Face

  1. A good tutorial. Granted it’s hard to see the workpiece itself but I picked up some good tips just listening, believe it or not. Flesh has always been one of my painting “betes noir” – I can never shade it properly, it seems. And the trick of adding green is clever. Maybe I should pick up some of that Flesh Wash…

  2. Cimter the Gnome says:

    Hi just found this I am actually learning how to customise larger figures (Star Wars figures to be precise) and painting has always been daunting to me, I am finding these tutorials to be informative and fun, picking up a lot of tips for instnace the male lips and the female lips.

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