Back to my own life and, returning to paint and play again


October 5, 2008 by TAB Studio

I am updating and going to try to continue that from now on. I miss many of the things I was up to and am returning toward the hobby as able. I appreciate all the comments and email quests for more video and will try to dust off and continue the series but feel to buff up a bit may be in order. I have a updated camera and stand so quality should be better next show. That is always a plus but again I will need to slap some paint just to brush up.

My health is straightened out thanks to pharmaceuticals and my daughters is being addressed as well (we have both now been diagnosed with RA) I have learned that it effects many things in life. I am single now and have been organizing my life to deal with the changes, I refused to stop school…. my lawyerbuddy made me promise not to so I am still in the digital media program and I love it. I lost a large amount of weight and have began to live happily again, traveling and enjoying time as I can grab it. Business is growing steadily and I am thankful for that. For those that do not know I am a gardener by day lots of sunshine and good views of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida inter-coastal waterway for job sites.

We play Magic the Gathering on a regular basis with the gang, gosh I love that game! We have all steered away from role-playing because it reminds us too much of the past but we will again play Warmachine. I love not only the minis but also the game strategy. With one-young-son homeschooling, daughter taking environmental science and, myself working and schooling/head of house, time is a factor for any good games. But darn it next Saturday will be one and it will probably last till dawn as par normal.

So I bid ado but will return soon with further random post of wips till I get back up to snuff for the videos.

Cheers and thanks for the cool emails…


One thought on “Back to my own life and, returning to paint and play again

  1. Mike Howell says:

    Good to have you back, Tracy!

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